Board of Directors

The membership of the Board includes the Chairman of the Commissioners of Public Works or his/her appointee and the President of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland. The Minister for Culture, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht may appoint in a personal capacity, with the consent of the Directors, one person as Director. In addition, up to nine other persons maybe appointed as Directors whose membership will enhance the profile of the Board or further the objects of the Company.

Directors serve for fixed three year terms and are eligible to reappointment for one further three year term.

The current members of the Board [with date of appointment] are:

Michael Webb (Chairman) [31 October 2001]
Malcolm Alexander (Company Secretary) [19 September 2012]
Anne Casement [16 May 2006]
William Cumming [2 November 2004]
Fionnuala May
[3 December 2019]
Aidan O’Connor
[30 May 2011]
Ciaran O’Connor
[8 June 2012]
Toal O Muiré [13 December 2005]
Shane O’Toole
[10 June 2003]
Ruairí Quinn [3 March 2020]
Gráinne Shaffrey [9 May 2017]

The Honorary Presidents of the Archive are Edward McParland and Nicholas Robinson