Fragments. Architectural photographs by Ester Havlová

Moravian Cartography – Velké Opatovice. Fránek Architects. 2007

Ester Havlová is a Czech photographer of architecture, both historical and modern. Born in Prague in 1967, she attended the School of Graphic Arts, majoring in photography. She was admitted to FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) in 1988. Since graduation in 1995, she has works as an independent photographer specializing in theatre, architecture, and the documentation of artworks. She was awarded the Czech Grand Design prize in photography in 2010.

Guggenheim Museum – Bilbao. Frank Gehry. 2006

A member of CORA (Centre for Conservation and Restoration Architecture), an independent Czech organization whose mission is to promote the preservation and adaptive re-use of significant buildings, Havlová is also fascinated by contemporary architects and their work. And it is the contemporary which is very much the focus of this exhibition. Significant buildings from across the world are captured in a series of carefully composed, striking, images. However, as the name Fragments suggests, Havlová shows not a whole building but rather an element, a structural detail, a defining characteristic. Stairs, ceilings, columns, and partial facades are captured with a keen sensitivity to structure and colour.

Archdiocesan Museum – Olomouc. HSH Architects. 2006

This exhibition is presented in association with the Czech Embassy in Dublin.